2003-2008 Forester 2" Strut Spacers W/ Trailing arm spacers

2003-2008 Forester 2″ Strut Spacers W/ Trailing arm spacers

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*3/16″ Steel Strut lift Spacers MIG welded

*3/16 Steel Trailing Arm Spacers

*Powder Coated

*All hardware included in the kit

*2-3 Week build time

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For extreme strength and reliability, we use 3/16” steel plates with ¼” solid center steel tube. Front spacers are MIG welded with six 4” welds. Rear spacers are MIG welded four times with 5” welds. Our Trailing Arm Spacers are laser cut 3/16” steel and MIG welded.  

Factory Alignment

To maintain factory alignment specifications Camber and improved Caster offsets are built into the steel spacers. – We recommend that you get an alignment after your install, as there may still be a human error factor when installing the camber bolts.  

Trailing Arm Spacers

We recommend installing trailing arm spacers. This keeps your tires centered in its factory location and prevents rubbing when installing larger tires.  

Powder Coating

We also professionally powder coat all of our products to prevent corrosion and to insure the highest quality of products on the market.  


All Metric Grade 10.9 Zinc Hardware is included in the kits!  

Rear height additions

We also offer a few different heights of Rear spacers to compensate for added load in the vehicle or level vehicles out, if they currently aren’t sitting level.  Added height is built in one solid spacer, no stacking of different spacers. Adding 3/8” compensates for mild loads/weight, + ½” more for excessive loads/weight.  


These kits are designed for Original Equipment Manufacture fitment. We cannot guarantee fitment on non OEM parts; strut mounts, struts, exhaust etc.  Recommend contacting us for fitment verification. Please note that a majority of our kits are build to order and may take 2-3weeks to manufacture.

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2", 2-3/8", 2-1/2", 3"

3 reviews for 2003-2008 Forester 2″ Strut Spacers W/ Trailing arm spacers

  1. Vic C.

    When my 2″ kit arrived I hit up ADF for specifics on how to install the kit easily, and it took roughly 2 hours to get everything prepared and installed just before having to go into work. After the installation, I wanted to give it a try to see how my clearance improved. Lined my car up to the curb, placed it in Drive 1, and up she went with no clearance issue what so ever. Took it through some of the trails near my area and some of the parts that I was never able to clear with stock height was no longer a problem. Thank you ADF for a solid built lift kit, and your wonderful customer service!

  2. Victor Anzueto (verified owner)

    First of all I want to say ADF is the best company I’ve ever dealt with. I bought the 2″ front spacer with a 2.5 rear spacer with trailing arms and they are fantastic. The design and finish touches are above standards giving you a pretty cool looking add to your car. I had previously purchased a SUMO lift but it turned into a nightmare since they were “under staff” and they didn’t really have any customer service. It took me 6 almost 7 months to even figure out what was happening with the lift.
    NOW installation isn’t as bad if you have the right tools. If you only have wrenches and a couple sockets it might take a while specially if you have a rusty and older suby. If you are installing bigger tires remember to have some camber bolts handy just in case your vehicle needs the final touches to get that alignment on point. Like i said this company is been the best I’ve dealt with and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. I’m the happiest person out here showing off what these fozzys can do. I hope ADF creates a sticker section on their website where you can buy their oversize hood stickers. I would love to rep such a good company.

  3. Robert Quan

    Absolutely amazing customer service. Patrick the owner will make sure that you get all of your products in a timely manner and have a smooth install. I have now purchased two lifts from ADF, one for my 1999 SF and now for my 05 SG and both times I received amazing quality products, and even better customer service.

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