2003-2008 Forester 5" Behemoth Lift Kit

2003-2008 Forester 5″ Behemoth Lift Kit


3/16″ Steel Strut lift Spacers

1/4″ Lower Lift Brackets

CNC Laser Cut & Mig welded

*This kit does not come coated (RAW material)*

*Camber & Caster Offsets

*All hardware included in the kit


Build Time: Built to Order 6+ Weeks


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This lift kit provides 2” of additional clearance and 5” of body clearance when installed. Camber and caster offsets are in place to maintain factory camber and improved positive caster angels for handling. These spacers and compiled of 3/16” steel plates and ¼” tube walls, the lower lift brackets are ¼” steel plate laser cut for accuracy and precision fitment. Built for strength and reliability. All hardware in included in the kit! If your looking for maximum clearance to make your Subaru more capable off-road this is the product for you!

Lower Lift Brackets are for high tire clearance, moving the spring perch up 2.5” from factory location to allow for a much larger tire than what your limited to with the stock spring perch in place. This product is not for everyone* Much harder to install and requires grinding of the lower section of the struts.

Our sub frame spacers are ¼” steel tube drilled accordingly.

For pesky sagging in the rear we offer a range of additions we can add to your rear spacers.

All of our parts are designed and manufactured here in the USA!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us! Adnfab@gmail.com

-What comes in this kit?

2.5″ Lower Lift Brackets Set

(4) 2.5″ strut top spacers

NEW 4/5″ trailing arm Brackets

3” sub frame spacers

Steering shaft extension

ADF Stickers!

*Product Requirements:

Even though our kits come with camber offsets we recommend an alignment after each install to insure proper wear on your tires. Even though marking the camber bolt works good, there is still a factor of human error.

This product requires grinding of the lower section of the strut.  To fit these brackets properly 20-30mm wheels spacers or offset wheels total of +15 offset will be needed to clear the added brackets.

Does not come with a pitch stop mount, will need to lengthen the factory mount.

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5-3/8", 5.5", 5"


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