Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links (Pair)

Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links (Pair)

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Material: Chromoly, Nylon Race

All hardware included in the kit

Build Time: Ready to Ship



Are you tires of the old clunky end links and break under mild use after lifting? This is the product for you! Chromoly adjustable end links! Factory end links are limited in how far they can articulate. In most cases causing them to break out of there plastic cups rendering them useless. These end link not only are adjustable but also can take increased angles without binding like the factory ones.

Do they wear over time? Yes, under use the slotted nylon race will wear out over time. But in most cases these will last for years before showing any signs of wear.

How to increase life of the end links? We also offer a rubber boot kit that prevents dust and grime from entering the race causing wear. Also helps prolong the life in a more salty climate.

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Dust Boots


1 review for Front Adjustable Sway Bar End Links (Pair)

  1. Kodiak Firesmith (verified owner)

    I put these on about 2 months after putting the 2″ lift in, and regret not doing it sooner. While they were a bit of a pain to get just right, once they were in, they immediately resolved a lot of creaking and popping / clunking noise, as well as seeming to slightly improve tracking and cornering response.

    With the 2″ lift, I actually wish these had just a bit more thread to extend a little taller. I only felt the connection was safe between the two ends after locking at 10 full rotations, which results in them being just slightly shorter than what may be optimal for a 2″ lift.

    It should also be noted that the hardware is chrome rather than gray powdercoat. Both look perfectly fine to me.

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