SG Forester Subaru Long Travel Coilover

SG Forester Subaru Long Travel Coilover

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Subaru long travel coilover

*Non adjustment coil over, No adjustment for dampening

*DT1 – Single adjustable dampening – 40 positions effects compression and rebound

*DT2 – Double adjustable dampening – 40 rebound – 30 compression

Build Time: 1 Month+


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Anderson Design & Fabrication has teamed up with one of the best Rally coil over manufactures in the world HotBits. We would like to introduce our long travel coil over line, with a wide range of options and custom sizing. Travel will very in each build but most common travel lengths will be around 10.1″ Front and 12.02″ in the rear. Compared to the factory 5.5″ Front and 8.8″ Rear.
*This price does not include springs! Please contact us for spring choice and variations. Each build and vehicle weight will very which will cause changes in your spring choice. This will insure the maximum performance of these Coilovers is met.

Built for strength and reliability these are manufactured with a 58mm main housing diameter, 46mm inner piston, totaling in a 12mm thick supporting wall on the housings.

Optimal Steel bearing camber adjustable mounts are $275 pair ***note these mounts raise car 20mm Will be adjusted for in final spec out. *For a daily driver we don’t recommend these, they are much louder and rougher.  If you were more hardcore racer/back wood rambler, these will work perfect for you.

*Non adjustment coil over, No adjustment for dampening

*DT1 – Single adjustable dampening – 40 positions effects compression and rebound

*DT2 – Double adjustable dampening – 40 rebound – 30 compression

Please Note: These are custom manufactured per spec. Once order has been placed these are non refundable and non returnable.

Recommended: Annual rebuild to keep your suspension fresh and performing at its highest potential.

100mm+ kits we recommend custom brake lines, upper radiator hose, shift linkage spacer

150mm+ kits we recommend custom brake lines and upper radiator hose, shift linkage spacer and possibly other odds and ends.

Additional information

Coil Over Size:

+100mm, +125mm, +50mm, Factory Height

Dampening Adjustments:

Non Dampening Adjustment, D1 Single Dampening Adjustments, D2 Dual Dampening Adjustable

Top Hats:

No camber adjustable bearing top hats, Yes Camber adjustable bearing top hats

1 review for SG Forester Subaru Long Travel Coilover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave (verified owner)

    I recently installed the DT1 125mm+ setup in my 2005 Fozzy. What a difference in capability! The Forester is already a hyper capable rig but this turned things up to 11. Plus it looks epic. With this suspension mated to my 30″ M/T tires the clearance is well more than doubled and the articulation is out of this world. Beyond the HotBits coilovers, the kit comes with all the subframe drop items for the install with the exception of radiator hoses (I replaced both upper and lower with extended units), extended brakes lines and springs. A quick trip to Napa to source a couple radiator hoses solved that and a local hydraulic hose shop made up a set of extended brake lines to ensure the brake lines wouldn’t become strained when at max droop. For the springs, after discussing with Patrick, I ended up running dual spring per coils which has worked out great thus far. Otherwise the kit was a bolt in affair that took about three to four evenings to fully install.

    For whatever it’s worth to those reading, the kit is fantastic but know your mechanical abilities. I would consider this a major leak kit as far as installs go. The front subframe (which carries the motor) and trans mount do need to be separated from the body to install the drop spacers. That can be a tricky process. In addition, the transmission linkage for my auto needed to be modified and adjusted to ensure smooth shifter operation. Patrick was a huge support as questions came up. I hope this helps!

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